Academic Collaboration - International Validation

Validation is the process by which the Aldersgate and its international consortium of higher education institutions judge that a programme developed and delivered by another FOREIGN INSTITUTION without degree awarding powers is of an appropriate quality and standard to lead to a Consortium of International awards at a Doctoral level and that the necessary resources are available to support the delivery of the programme.

Under this agreement 

  • The FOREIGN INSTITUTION does not have degree awarding powers but allowed by its government to adopt validation process.
  • The FOREIGN INSTITUTION is responsible for the design and delivery of the programme, learning resources, student support, for the quality of the student learning experience, and for financial matters.
  • The FOREIGN INSTITUTION is responsible for the recruitment and selection of students. These are 'associate students' of the International Consortium, registered with a partner institution and have no access to Validating Partners library and facilities as well as graduation ceremonies.
  • Aldersgate and its consortium of higher education institutions are responsible for approving: entry standards to the programme; the design of the programme; arrangements for its delivery; and mechanisms for quality assurance and enhancement.
  • A Consortium based doctoral qualification is awarded through the consortium of higher education institutions and the qualification is NOT a Philippines based qualification. Consequently, the Aldersgate and its international consortium of higher education institutions not having a comparable programme of its own, it is responsible for ensuring that the output standards of the award are compatible with similar programmes in the rest of the sector in which its partners operate .
  • The nature and level of direct supervision or delegated responsibility and quality and standards monitoring of the partner institution’s programme by the International Consortium of Higher Education is determined on the basis of the assessment of the FOREIGN INSTITUTION’s own quality assurance systems and its experience of higher education.
  • Students are subject to the regulations of the FOREIGN INSTITUTION in relation to student conduct (non academic) and complaints.
  • A Joint Board or Liaison Committee (inclusive of Aldersgate and its international consortium of higher education institutions)


We do not guarantee nor take responsibilities on any form of recognition for validated qualifications anywhere for the very reason that there are different jurisdictions who are all dealing differently with foreign educational credentials. Please contact your local education bodies prior to enrolling into the program.

Printed 11/21/2009
Dr Neil

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