Aldersgate College Inc.

Aldersgate College March

Composed by: Junifen F. Gauuan, Ph.D.

Sunlight strikes the heart of the valley
And peels the heavy clouds of mystery
Then clears the sky and the mountains high
Showing all majestic radiant view.
Green permeates the sight of the valley
The golden crown astride the misty blue
As people sing of the holy hymn
With the spirit soaring high and true.

O where truth lingers we will always go
Where the mind finds liberty
Where genius grows and wisdom flows
Free for all humanity.

Hurray to Aldersgate College
Hail the torch of democracy
Hurray to our inspiration
Aldersgate College dear.
Repeat refrain…
Repeat chorus…
Aldersgate College 2x
Aldersgate College dear.