Aldersgate College Inc.

Higher Education Scholarships, Grants-In-Aid & Discounts


  1. Entrance Scholarship:
    • Highest Honors: 100% tuition fee discount
    • High Honors: 75% tuition fee discount
    • With honors: 50% tuition fee discount
    • Graduate of ACHS: 10% tuition fee discount
    • English Proficiency test: Top 10, whose scores meet the cut-off score of 85.
  2. Academic Scholarship: A student having a minimum load of 24 units and obtains a weighted average grade of 1.75 or better in the preceding semester duly attested by the Registrar is granted 100% tuition fee discount.
  3. Service Scholarship:
    • Working students, student librarians & student assistants 100% tuition  and miscellaneous fee discount.
    • The Paragon (Official Publication of Aldersgate College)
      • Editor-in-Chief: 100% tuition fee discount
      • Associate Editor: 75% tuition fee discount
    • SSC President: 100% tuition fee discount
    • Varsity:
      • 25% tuition fee discount (Provincial)
      • 50% tuition fee discount  (Regional)
      • 100% tuition fee discount (National)
    • Bungkos Sining: 10% tuition fee discount.
  4. Special Scholarships:
    • UMC Church Workers & their children: 50% tuition fee discount
    • Church Workers (any religous denomination): 50% tuition fee discount
    • Children of college personnel 100% tuition fee discount
    • Children of Alumni: 5% tuition fee discount
    • Faculty Spouse: 50% tuition fee discount
    • Active members of UMC certified by their minister: 5% tuition fee discount
    • Mr. & Ms. AC 100% tuition fee discount
  5. Cash discounts: Full cash payment of the entire tuition fee and other fees within one month from the start of the classes entitles the student to a cash discount of 5% of the tuition fee.
  6. Student Financial Assistance Program (StuFAP)
    • Full-Merit-intended for high school graduates whose GWA is at least 96%
    • Half-Merit-intended for high school graduates whose GWA is 93% to 95%
    • Study Now Pay Later Plan
  7. Government Scholarships
    • Tulong Dunong Program, Php 7,500.00 per semester
    • Listahanan – Php 30,000.00 per semester


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