Aldersgate College Inc.

Junior High School


The Aldersgate College High School shall be an educational and transformational arm of Aldersgate College pursuing holistic development of secondary school students.


The Aldersgate College High School shall train and develop academically excellent, socially-relevant, and spiritually-nurtured students who shall be well prepared to tackle professional careers in the Sciences amidst a globally competitive environment.

Curricular Strategy

Aldersgate College High School is dedicated to provide an environment conducive to creative scholarship and scientific inquiry through its unique educational system. It is committed to empower students to excel to their fullest potential and to promote lifelong learning through the delivery of essential learning standards that would help the students become competent through scientific exploration, discovery and creative expression through various media in all disciplines.


  1. Develop student’s talents, abilities and interest in the arts and sciences as well as in pure sciences and technology which will help built a strong and progressive society in keeping pace with the country’s thrust for global competitiveness.
  2. Provide students with basic occupational skills, knowledge and information essential for obtaining initial gainful employment and for making intelligent choices of occupation or career.
  3. Stress in the students Christian values that will foster in their consciousness of God reality without necessarily teaching religion to them.
  4. Develop social awareness for a service-oriented citizenship.
  5. Train and develop students into mature persons ready to tackle college work and become responsible individuals.


SECTION 1. Requirement for Admission

  1. For New Students: Freshmen
    1. Form 138
    2. Certificate of Good Moral Character from the school attended
    3. Original PSA Birth Certificate
  2. For New Students: Transferees
    1. Form 138
    2. Form 137
    3. Original PSA Birth Certificate
    4. Summer classes grades if the student has taken summer classes
    5. Certificate of Good Moral Character from the school last attended
    6. Passed the interview by the Committee on Admission and the Principal
    7. Written conformity with the school rules and regulations attested to by the parent/guardian
    8. Authentic results of Drug Test and/or Pregnancy Test (when necessary)
  3. For Old Students
    1. Form 138
    2. Summer Class Grades if the student has taken summer classes
    3. Presence of Parent/legal guardian if the student is on probation
    4. School I.D. for validation
  4. Foreign Students
    1. Permit to Study
    2. Photocopy of Alien Certificate of Registration
    3. School credentials from the School last attended
  5. Married Students
    1. Certificate True Copy of Marriage contract or photocopy checked against the original
      • in case married student gets pregnant, she is mandated to take her leave of absence for the whole school year.

SECTION 2. Admission Guidelines

  1. All enrollees are required to be physically present together with a parent or a guardian except in case of illness or other valid reasons in which case the enrollee or the parent/guardian cannot be present.
  2. All enrollees are required to undergo the following screening by the Admission Committee.
    1. Entrance examination in the form of High School Proficiency Test that will be administered by the Guidance Councilor one week before the formal start of classes for classification and scholarship purposes.
    2. Evaluation of past records.
    3. Interview by the Committee on Admission.
  3. Transferees and old students with disciplinary cases must submit a Drug Test Report from an accredited Drug Testing Center.
  4. In case of married female student, a pregnancy test report from the college physician is required.
  5. Female students with live-in partners are required to submit a marriage contract/certificate before admission.
  6. Transferees and old students with disciplinary cases are  under strict supervision of the Discipline Committee and under probation for one year to qualify him/her for admission the following school year.

SECTION 3. Re-admission Guidelines

  1. Students can only be re-admitted if they have officially dropped out from the school due to accident, serious illness, death/illness of immediate family member and other reasons beyond human control.
  2. Special re-admission is granted on a case to case basis after thorough investigation and approval of the Discipline Committee and the Principal.
  3. Students who are re-admitted are expected to abide by the rules and regulations of the school and to comply with the academic requirements prescribed by the institution and the Department of Education.

SECTION 4. Enrollment Procedures

  1. Present enrollment credentials to the Admission Committee for evaluation for:
    1. Incoming freshmen with complete credentials, secure Registration form.
    2. Transferees with complete credentials, seek for the schedule of interview by the Chairman of the Admission Committee/Discipline Committee before securing Registration Form.
    3. Old students with disciplinary cases, report to the Chairman of the Discipline Committee for disciplinary case clarification and settlement then seek for permission to enroll before securing Registration Form.
    4. Old Students without disciplinary cases, secure Registration Form.
  2. Fill-up the Registration Form completely and have it approved and signed by the curriculum year adviser.
  3. Proceed to the accounting for assessment and payment of registration fee, tuition fee and other school fees.
  4. Submit Registration Form stamped “ENROLLED” to the curriculum year adviser.

SECTION 5. I.D. Processing/Validation

  1. New Students
    1. Proceed to the library and present your official Registration Form.
    2. Submit two (2) copies 1″x1″ I.D. pictures.
  2. Old Students
    1. Proceed to the library and present your official Registration Form.
    2. Submit I.D. card for librarian’s initial to validate status as bonafide student.
  3. Old Students with Lost I.D.
    1. Submit Affidavit of Lost to the Treasurer’s Office and Pay for the new I.D.
    2. Proceed to the library and present your official Registration Form and the receipt of the new I.D.
    3. Submit 1″x1″ I.D. picture.

SECTION 6. Issuance of Books Rented

  1. Proceed to the library and present your official Registration Form to the High School Librarian.
  2. Fill up the Book Contract and affix your signature.
  3. Secure the rented books from the High School Librarian.

Principal’s Message

Climbing the Mountain of Life

If you have defined what you really want in life and fixed your goals, then you are ready to climb the mountain of life.

Tribulations and sacrifices come along with punctuations of successes and failures.  Happiness intertwine with disappointments. Your senses bombard you with feelings of joy and frustrations. You feel you are climbing to the summit of a physical mountain; to the peak of technical competence and scientific proficiency; to the apex of professional achievement, financial endowment, and material comfort.

You ask yourself if this is the reason why ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE at the Science High School is such a big issue!

But then you realize that no enjoyment comes from things material unless you have uplifted likewise, the life of your family and friends, community and country. No man, indeed, is an island, and you begin to comprehend that SOCIAL RELEVANCE brings you to a different level of satisfaction and relief.

As you pursue your quest, many of you will reach the summit of your hopes and aspirations. But some will stumble by the wayside, get lost, or fall from dangerous cliffs of wrong decisions and missed opportunities.

But whether you succeed or fail, the essence of the  SPIRITUAL NURTUREMENT you shall have gained in this institution will soothe your souls. For everything is temporary. The fruits of spectacular achievements will disappear. Failures and heartaches of the greatest magnitude will vanish. And only the reality of your own souls will remain.

In the meantime, my dear students, let us engineer your minds, hearts and hands so that you can go out and conquer this globalizing and material-oriented world.

Let  cutting-edge subjects, high technology classrooms, super-competent teachers, e-Learning resources and Computer-Aided Education become your tools of domination.

You must desire, discover and experience the essential things  that will ease and accelerate your climb to this mountain of life. You may forget your location; but always bear in mind your direction!


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