Aldersgate College Inc.

Vision, Mission, Goals & Objectives


A 21st Century University transforming a global network of learners for enlightenment, leadership, and human service.


Aldersgate College was established to develop the power of reason, to liberate people from ignorance, penury, and hopelessness, and to empower them to commence their own journey for social and economic transformation and spiritual salvation.

Goals & Objectives

  1. Educate individuals to think and act as ethical leaders who are spiritually awakened morally upright and responsible citizens in the global community.
  2. Inculcate critical and innovative thinking, technological fluency, multicultural skills, and responsible citizenship within the global community.
  3. Deliver affordable, flexible, and collaborative educational programs using systems and resources that comply with international standards of quality, professional licensure, and practice.
  4. Offer career pathways and migration channels through a network of transnational institutions, professional guilds, and accrediting agencies.

Core Values

Academic Excellence
Train students to become academically and professionally competent in the fields of Arts and letters; Natural and Physical Sciences; Business; Management and Economics; Engineering and Technology; Education; and the Health Sciences.

Social Relevance
Impress norms, values, and behaviors that are socially relevant to the human development needs of the majority and the less fortunate and at the same time responsive to the ideals of a democratic society.

Spiritual Nurturance
Evolve and inculcate a spiritual knowingness founded on absolute Biblical truth and concurrently promoting unity, moral uprightness, and dedication to Christian Service.