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Transformative Leadership: Celebrating One Year of Rev. Dr. Micah Ryan B. Ramel at the Helm of ACI’s Learning Community

A Year of Inspiring Change and Unity in Education
In the fast-paced world of academia, leaders who can navigate the complexities and uncertainties are invaluable. Today, we commemorate the first anniversary of Rev. Micah Ryan Bernardo Ramel, PhD as the head of our educational institution. His leadership journey has been remarkable, as he champions the theme of “Bridging Leadership: The ACians as Change Agents and Faithful Stewards in Learning Community Amidst a Complex and Uncertain World.” This feature article delves into the transformative changes he has brought about and the lasting impact on our learning community.

A Vision Aligned with Purpose
From the beginning, Dr. Ramel’s mission was clear: To provide “Strategic Leadership for Efficient Learner-Centered Management Systems and in producing Successful Life-Long Learners.” This mission perfectly resonated with ACI’s overarching purpose—to “develop the power of reason, liberate people from ignorance, penury, and hopelessness, and empower them to commence their journey for social and economic transformation and spiritual salvation.” Dr. Ramel’s vision aligned seamlessly with the shared dream of making the college “A 21st Century University transforming a global network of learners for enlightenment, leadership, and human service.

Championing Bridging Leadership
At the heart of Dr. Ramel’s tenure is his unyielding advocacy for Bridging Leadership. This approach marks a significant paradigm shift, extending beyond traditional boundaries to embrace a Rights-Based Approach. It encompasses a wide array of initiatives, including Academic Institutions’ Research, Extension, and Development, Co-Management of Schools and Community-based Operations, Distance E-Learning Programs (ODeL), Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation (ETEEAP), and Technical Vocational Education Training in Ladderized Education Programs (TVET-LEPs), among others.

Embracing Complexity and Uncertainty
Dr. Ramel’s journey began on October 1, 2022, when the world grappled with many challenges. The ongoing pandemic, socio-political upheavals, and environmental crises cast a long shadow of uncertainty. Dr. Ramel saw this as an opportunity rather than a hindrance, recognizing that it was precisely in such complexity that transformative change could be catalyzed.

Faculty Development and Innovation
One of the standout changes during Dr. Ramel’s tenure has been the focus on faculty development and innovation. He introduced programs that promote research and collaboration, increasing publications and research projects. The institution has also embraced cutting-edge technology, making online and hybrid learning more effective, even in challenging circumstances.

A Renaissance in Education
One of the defining features of Dr. Ramel’s leadership has been his relentless pursuit of educational excellence. He initiated a renaissance within the ACians’ Learning Community, focusing on a holistic approach to education that transcends traditional boundaries. New interdisciplinary programs and an emphasis on nurturing creativity and critical thinking have reinvigorated the learning experience.

Cultivating Change Agents
Dr. Ramel’s vision extends far beyond the walls of the institution. He has passionately championed the idea of ACian students as change agents in society. Through service learning, community outreach programs, and NGO partnerships, students are empowered to address pressing global challenges, becoming true stewards of positive change.

A Community United
Dr. Ramel’s approach to leadership goes beyond the boardroom. He actively engaged with the ACian community, listening to concerns and implementing feedback to create a more inclusive and participatory learning environment. His ” Bridging Leadership Dialogues” became a platform for open dialogue and transparency.

A Legacy of Environmental Stewardship
One of the hallmarks of Dr. Ramel’s leadership journey was the inception of the Bridging Leadership Advocacy for Barobbob Watershed Protection and Development in 2018. This groundbreaking endeavor paved the way for a strong partnership between the Provincial Government of Nueva Vizcaya (PGNV) and the Department of Agriculture’s Philippine Fiber Industry Development Authority (DA-PhilFIDA). The result was the establishment of the first contiguous 100 hectares of Abaca cultivation, a transformative initiative that engaged 100 upland gardeners and profoundly impacted the local community. Subsequently, he championed the quest for multi-stakeholder support to establish a fiber processing center, empowering these individuals to become successful entrepreneurs.

A Future Built on Collaboration
In the present, Dr. Ramel continues to drive change by engaging an ever-expanding network of multi-stakeholder groups. Together, they are co-owning and co-creating a brighter future at Aldersgate College. His commitment to bridging leadership principles has ushered in a new transformation era. He has effectively bridged the gaps between traditional and innovative approaches, empowered learners, and fostered a profound sense of stewardship within the learning community.

The Impact and Beyond
As Rev. Dr. Micah Ryan B. Ramel celebrates one year of extraordinary leadership at ACians’ Learning Community, the institution stands as a testament to the transformative power of visionary leadership. His dedication to innovation, the cultivation of change agents, community unity, global engagement, and environmental sustainability has elevated Acians to unprecedented heights.
The past year has been marked by resilience, adaptability, and a deep commitment to excellence. Under Dr. Ramel’s stewardship, ACians’ Learning Community has become an extraordinary place where students are prepared for the world’s complexities and inspired to shape it. As we look to the future, it’s evident that ACians will continue to be a beacon of hope and a symbol of excellence in education, thanks to his extraordinary leadership.#

Article by: Marc Anthony O. Jacob, Editor-in-chief
Graphics by: Francine Elaine G. Soto, Feature Editor


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