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One of the most memorable moments in the life of a student is to reminisce about old times. As they say that the happiest in a student’s life is the High School life. This is probably the most exciting part of one’s life. One of the many ways to ponder about the past is getting together with the People you’ve spent your student’s life and childhood with.
The Aldersgate College Alumni brought back memories of the past to her Alma Mater through the celebration of the Home Coming and Batch Reunion on December 30, 2022 with the theme: “Return, Reflect, and Reunite.” The event was participated in by the different batches from the Elementary, High School, College, and the Graduate School.
One of the highlights of the event was the awarding and recognition of the high school batch 1972 who celebrated their 50th year anniversary. The awarding was attended by Dr. Eunice Pacunayen, a Dentist, Mrs. Leticia Hilario-Supnet, a retired Midwife, Mrs. Estrella Dumlao-Orbillo, a businesswoman, Miss Arcely Ramos, a retired Teacher of Aldersgate College, Mrs. Emily Galandeynes-Gauuan, a retired Bank Division Chief, and Mr. Alexander J. Banta. Madam Emily Gauuan said, that whatever their batch plans to help the programs and projects of Aldersgate College will be pushed through once they have met all their batch mates.
The Aldersgate College Alumni Home Coming and Batch Reunion was indeed a very spectacular and impressive event because of the surprising crowd that graced the occasion. We are looking forward to more participants in the coming Grand Alumni Home Coming.#NMA


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