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The AC School of Criminology Alumni Elect Officers, Pay Courtesy Call to AC President, & Pledge Support for Programs and Projects

All Things Happen at an Opportune Time.
For the first time, accordingly, a get together among graduates of the AC School of Criminology (SoC) happened today to strengthen the camaraderie among themselves, and to finally elect their officers as part of their preparations for the AC Alumni Home Coming and Batch Reunion on 30 DEC 2022.
With the leadership of Dean Emeritus Col. Maxelom Blanco (Ret.) and Dean Jose Omingle, MS Crim, MPA, as coordinated by General Services Officer Mr. Christopher Cabigat, said alumni, many of whom now serve in the PNP, AFP, while others have established enterprises, afterwards trooped to the Office of the President to present themselves.
In response, the incumbent gladly presented to the SoC Alumni the various plans for new programs and projects, especially those which involve the General Alumni Officers and the present-day SoC students, in pursuit of a Learner-centered approach to education.
The event was capped by the pledge of commitment by the SoC Alumni Officers, led by the President-elect, PCapt. Ralph Primo Pedro, in support of the programs and projects of the OP.
The group is targeting a strong turnout of SoC Alumni for the 30 DEC special event.


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