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The Aldersgate College Vacation Church School (VCS) formally started today, July 18, 2023, at the different adopted barangays of Solano. This activity set from July 18-22, 2023 is a special project for the Mid-Year Term of the Aldersgate College Community Extension and Social Services (ACCESS) spearheaded by the Bachelor of Arts in Church Management (ABCM), Master of Divinity and the Campus Ministry facilitated by the volunteer students and faculty of the different academic units. Prior to the activity, several students from the different academic units were trained by the faculty and students of the ABCM and Master of Divinity Programs together with the Campus Ministry to facilitate the Vacation Church School in their respective adopted communities. These students were taught how to teach children of various age levels the different bible concepts and religious songs. They were also taught how to deal with the children properly in order for them to be able to gain their attention and grasp the lessons. This activity exemplifies the practice and application of the College’s goals of Social Relevance and Spiritual Nurturance. It embodies the desire of the volunteer students and faculty to be socially relevant by nurturing the spiritual well-being of the children in their adopted community.
Students and faculty from the Elementary, High School, College of Arts, Sciences, Education and Information Technology, School of Medical Sciences, College of Engineering and Technology, and College of Business, Management, and Accountancy facilitated the activity in their adopted community.
The adopted communities of Solano where the VCS is conducted from July 18-20, 2023 are Barangays Aggub, Bagahabag, Bangar, Concepcion, Curifang, Tucal, and San Juan. Added to the adopted communities of the College is the institutional adopted barangay Masoc, Bayombong where the same activity will be conducted on July 20-22 after the barangays of Solano.


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