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Elementary School

Aldersgate College Elementary School is a school hidden within the confines of Aldersgate College, a promising college founded in 1965 located in a 20,000 square meter lot in the progressive town of Solano, Nueva Vizcaya.

It was primarily established as the laboratory school for B.E.Ed. students. It is small in size and population compared with its neighboring public schools, but through the years its pupils, although outnumbered have proved that they can outdo and outwit pupils from other schools as evidenced by their victories in contests and competitions they have participated in. And what’s more? The school has a dedicated, intelligent and enthusiastic teaching force who temper their teaching styles to accommodate the learning styles of pupils by employing varied teaching strategies from time-tested methods to the use of the latest technology.

And there is a mantle of uniqueness that sets AC-ES from the rest of elementary schools. It is the first school in Region 2 to offer computer subjects in the grade school. The pupils compared with any other elementary school pupils are a step ahead where information technology is concerned. Their computer subjects start in Grade 1. Once they step into high school, they will have already learned the ins and outs of Microsoft Word which they learned in Grade IV, Powerpoint which they learned in Grade V, and Excel which they learned in Grade VI in addition to Internet surfing which they learned since they were in Grade III making them more prepared for the demands of a rapidly changing environment in this cyber age.


    • Aldersgate College Elementary School admits adults and welcomes every pupil as long as he/she agrees to the objectives, policies, and regulations of the school and can meet the admission requirements.
    • The entrance age is six but any child who is five and one-half in June with kindergarten training may be admitted to grade one.
    • The following credentials are to be submitted upon registration.
      Form 13
      Birth Certificate (Grade -1)
  2. SPECIAL ADMISSION. Transferees may be admitted upon presentation of the following credentials.
    Form 138 or Report Card of the last grade enrolled in.
    Alien pupils are admitted in all grades provided that they present copies of their Alien Certificates
    of Registration (ACR) and a permit from DepEd.


  1. Secure registration form from the teacher assigned per grade level.
  2. Fill out official Registration Form and submit it together with the following credentials.
    • Form 138 – Grades II to VI
    • Birth Certificate and Pre-School Diploma – Grade I
  3. Teachers in charge screen incoming pupils through:
    • Evaluation of past records
    • Interview
    • Administration of reading test
  4. Final decision concerning admission of new pupils is made by the Principal.
  5. Proceed to Window 1 (Accounting) for assessment
  6. Proceed to Window 2 (Treasury) for payment and for Enrollment Form stamped “ENROLLED”
  7. Present your official receipt and submit Enrollment Form to the Registrar’s Office and secure the Validated Enrollment
  8. Proceed to the Library and present your Validated Enrollment to validate your ID or acquire an ID.


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