Aldersgate College Inc.


The Barobbob Watershed, a vast forested area of more than 800 hectares divided into two (2) sub-watersheds, supplies the water requirements of low-lying communities, particularly Bayombong and Solano. The Upper Barobbob sub-watershed, having an area of more than 400 hectares is managed by the Provincial Government of Nueva Vizcaya through the Environment and Natural Resources Offices (ENRO) and the Barobbob Watershed Occupants Association, Inc. (BWOA).
Over the years, climate change and changing forest landscapes brought about by rural infrastructure development and a primary subsistence approach to agriculture have contributed to a steady decline in the water supply.
Thus, multi-sectoral stakeholders met through the initiative of the Provincial-LGU headed by Governor Carlos Padilla to address ongoing concerns within the watershed. Aldersgate College, Inc., represented by President Rev. Dr. Micah Ryan B. Ramel, joined concerted efforts to develop and protect this vital water resource.
Meanwhile, the Director for Extension Services Leticia D. Serrano, and the Director for Research Daton Jonathan Palitayan, Jr. attended a municipal assembly in Bayombong, headed by Hon. Antonio Sergio T. Bagasao to reinforce initial talks with the Honorable Mayor on engagements geared towards the restoration and protection of the Barobbob Watershed.