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Aldersgate College Chief Executive to serve as Founding President of the Novo Vizcayano Abaca Freefarmers Social Enterprise (NV-AFSE)

In pursuit of the PRAYERS N FAITH, with emphasis on the protection and development of the Barobbob Watershed buoyed by the strong partnership between the PLGU-Nueva Vizcaya and the DA-Philippine Fiber Industry Development Authority, complemented and supported by the MLGU-Bayombong, and enunciated as a priority direction by the Chairman of the Masoc Barangay Development Council, the organizational meeting of the NV-AFSE was held on November 12, 2022 where Rev. Micah Ryan B. Ramel, Aldersgate College President was elected as its Founding President.
Prior to this, the DA-PhilFIDA Regional Office 2, thru Nueva Vizcaya Fiber Officer Ms. Alaiza G. Sugot, requested the Aldersgate College prexy to make the necessary representations to BLGU PB Hon. Ferdinand L. Pinkihan, MLGU LCE Hon. Tony G. Bagasao, and PLGU LCE Hon. Carlos M. Padilla, and to assist in the organization of the participating individuals in the DA-PhilFIDA Abaca Plantation Under Coconut/Forest Areas Project (APUCFAP).
As of date, about 80 of the targeted 100 hectares commitment for Phase 2, called Tuxy Buying Special Project/Abaca Freefarmers Social Enterprise (TBSP/AFSE) have been complied with since planting began in 2021. Thus, in the recent meeting of APUCFAP project implementers called by PhilFIDA RO1 Director Manolito Apalla, as facilitated by Ms. Fe J. Donato, Head of the PhilFIDA Regional Monitoring Team, a campaign to complete the above target was called, in time for the December 2022 Bridging Leadership Dialogue Anniversary.
Furthermore, in cognizance of the vital role of the Bridging Leadership Framework which was introduced by Rev. Ramel when he was requested by the Barobbob Watershed Occupants Association (BWOA) officers to become their adviser in 2018, the community leaders in the assembly voted him to spearhead the new organization as its founding president and to make representations to the relevant public and private agencies towards the full operationalization of the same.
The College President accepted the role as Founding President of the Novo Vizcayano Abaca Freefarmers Social Enterprise (NV-AFSE) conditioned upon the appeal that everyone, individually and collectively, must prove the sacred worth of the BL Dialogues by tangible proofs especially the honorable work to prosper the Abaca Farm sites, in partnership with the BLGU/MLGU/PLGU and other agencies, because such shall be their stake in protecting and developing the Barobbob Watershed for the long term, which shall, in turn, provide a very viable alternative to the current unprofitable and destructive livelihood activities.
The newly elected President of the association also called upon everyone to be present during the December 2022 Bridging Leadership Anniversary & Assembly where the APUCAP year-end report, academic research presentations, and the oath-taking of the NV AFSE organization leaders shall be conducted, with the presence of the Nueva Vizcaya and PhilFIDA executives.
Ms. Prosperita Marites A. Matterig, MPA, former CFJ project Accountant and AC Sr. HS ABM Strand teacher and adviser, and Mr. Christopher Cabigat, AC General Services Officer, were also in attendance.


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