Aldersgate College Inc.

Community Extension Services and Research Center Conduct Staff Development Seminar-Workshop

Higher education institutions have a mandate to instruct, produce knowledge through research, and then use this knowledge to help the community which they serve through extension services. To address two of these major functions, the Community Extension Services and Research Center conducted a staff development seminar-workshop to strengthen these units as they work together to reach the goals they have set to achieve for the school year.
The activity began with an evening devotion led by the Campus Ministry followed by team-building activities facilitated by Jenny Jane Corpuz and Prosperita Matterig, outreach coordinators from the College of Arts, Sciences & Education and the High School Department respectively.
Day 2 was highlighted by discussions led by Engr. Mark Gil S. Hizon of the Department of Science and Technology, Rev. Dr. Micah Ryan B. Ramel, the College President, and Leticia D. Serrano, Director for Community Extension Services.