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Project YOU CAN empowers ACian leaders

In a collaborative effort between the Nueva Vizcaya Provincial Local Youth Development Office (NV-PYLDO) and Aldersgate College Inc. (ACI), a transformative Youth Leadership Training titled “Youth Organization in Universities and Colleges Activation Initiative (YOU CAN)” took place on October 20th at the ACI Audio-Visual Room (AVR). The primary objective of this program was to equip young leaders with essential skills, focusing on accountability, community engagement, responsible social media use, and self-preservation. This initiative signifies an investment in the future, providing a platform for young individuals to nurture their leadership potential.
In a recorded audio-visual speech, Nueva Vizcaya Governor Atty. Jose V. Gambito emphasized the significance of supporting the youth as an investment in our future and a commitment to nurturing the potential of Kabataang Novo Vizcayanos. Similarly, Emerlene Jane Galanta-Martinez, the Provincial Local Youth Development (PLYDO) Head, inspired Kabataang Novo Vizcayanos to take an active role in community development and use their talents to contribute to the province’s progress. She also underscored the importance of education and skills development as a means to empower the youth.
Meanwhile, Jose A. Panhon Jr., President of the Kasibu Indigenous People’s Youth Organization Inc., engaged in an open dialogue with young leaders, encouraging them to address critical issues related to Youth Participation. These issues included health, education, the environment, global mobility, economic empowerment, social inclusion, peace-building, security, active citizenship, and governance.
Youth Affairs Consultant Kenneth Yarcia provided insights into how young individuals can enhance their collaboration with the government. Jhon Pole R. Ngabbu, President of the Nueva Vizcaya Youth Leaders Network Inc., shared his personal journey as a university leader, inspiring student leaders to become the voice of the youth.
In the afternoon session, Isaac R. Divina, Chairperson of the Nueva Vizcaya Youth Leaders Network Inc., stressed the importance of effective communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and leadership qualities. Alvin Paul G. Basco, a Community Affairs Consultant, shared his valuable experiences in using social media for advocacy. Rezza C. Bacay, an NV-PYLDO Administrative Staff member, encouraged student leaders to prioritize self-care, especially their mental well-being, while highlighting effective leadership strategies.
The collaborative effort between NV-PYLDO and ACI in hosting the “YOU CAN” Youth Leadership Training has laid a solid foundation for the empowerment of young leaders, emphasizing crucial skills and values. This initiative not only invests in the future but also champions the development of a generation committed to positive change and community engagement.
Report by: Marc Anthony O. Jacob, EIC
Photos by: Marydhel Hope S. Evardone, Senior Photojournalist


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