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Team AC Inc. Feted for Student-Led Entries During the 2023 Grand Ammungan Festival’s Gawang Vizcayano Exhibit and Trade Fair

Non-Food Sector 2nd Place, Most Innovative Product 3rd Place, Best Dressed Booth

[Vizcaya, May 25, 2023] Team AC Inc., a group of young and talented students from a local educational institution, garnered recognition and accolades for their outstanding entries at the recently concluded Gawang Vizcayano Exhibit and Trade Fair, held during the 2023 Grand Ammungan Festival. The team achieved remarkable success in the non-food sector category, clinching the 2nd place for the Most Innovative Product and the 3rd place for the Best Dressed Booth awards.

The event, which showcased the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of the province’s talented individuals, served as a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to exhibit their products and promote local craftsmanship. Team AC Inc., led by Eng’r. Josephine P. Jasmin, Vice President for Administration, and Mr. Kristian Caesar Olier, CBMA Officer-in-Charge for Marketing Management & Entrepreneurship Cluster, demonstrated their commitment and dedication to innovation.

The team’s winning entry in the Most Innovative Product category impressed the judges and festival attendees alike. Their product, which seamlessly combined functionality and aesthetics, showcased the students’ ingenuity and ability to think outside the box. With their unique creation, Team AC Inc. proved that they possess the potential to become future leaders in the business and design industries.

Furthermore, Team AC Inc.’s booth caught the attention of visitors with its eye-catching display and attention to detail. The booth’s vibrant colors, creative arrangement, and overall theme perfectly captured the essence of the event, earning them the 3rd place for the Best Dressed Booth award. The team’s meticulous planning and execution demonstrated their understanding of the importance of visual presentation and its impact on attracting potential customers.

Eng’r. Josephine P. Jasmin, Mr. Kristian Caesar Olier, and the AC Junior Marketing Association Officers were present at the award ceremony to accept the honors on behalf of Team AC Inc. Their outstanding performance not only reflected their individual achievements but also highlighted the collaborative efforts of the entire team.

The recognition received by Team AC Inc. serves as a testament to the dedication, hard work, and talent of the students involved. Their achievements in the Gawang Vizcayano Exhibit and Trade Fair inspire and encourage other aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators in the region to pursue their dreams and push the boundaries of creativity.

As the Grand Ammungan Festival continues to foster an environment of innovation and entrepreneurship, the success of Team AC Inc. serves as a shining example of the limitless possibilities that can be achieved when passion and talent converge. With their exceptional accomplishments, Team AC Inc. has undoubtedly secured a bright future in the world of business and design.


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