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TRASHIONISTA 2023: A Celebration of Sustainable Fashion

In a grandiose tapestry of creativity and ecological reverence, the campus auditorium was transformed into a sanctuary of transformation—the Trashfashion, where students orchestrated a visual symphony of renewal, weaving enchanting attires from the threads of discarded relics.
Each walk down the runway was a testament to the students’ visionary approach, transcending the confines of convention. A gown, a testament to meticulous artistry, the recycled materials unfurled like blooming flowers, its petals woven from remnants of silk scarves that once languished in neglect. In contrast, a suit, fashioned from the rebirthed remnants of rice sacks, plastic wastes, straws, and many others, exuded an urban sophistication—a living testament to the boundless potential inherent in forsaken fragments.
This Eco Fashion Show was evidence of the potential residing within every discarded waste, a celebration of the boundless creativity and innovation that lie within us all. It beckoned us to reconsider the very essence of fashion, to imagine a world where beauty is forged from the fragments of usually thrown trash, and where every garment is a testament to the enduring vitality of the human spirit. It urged us, too, to confront the plastic predicament that threatens our planet, reminding us that within each discarded item lies an opportunity for transformation. #

by: Jamicah Ruth A. Detablan
Photo Credit: Rodgel Allen T. Ganado
Layout Artist: Aminah I. Mauna


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