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The CBMA (College of Business, Management and Accountancy) has yet again been graced with exceptional tenure last Saturday, April 15 in the Audio-Visual Room (AVR) where it held the Cooperative and Entrepreneurship Forum 2023 with the theme: “Empowering the Next Generation Through Cooperativism and Entrepreneurship.” The event brought forth support from various figureheads and administrators of AC as the forum’s focal points were centralized on the development of students, the school, and the province as a whole upon an economic standpoint.

The Forum showcased esteemed guests bearing relative importance to the respective topics they shared. In the roster of speakers, the most prominent is the incumbent Governor of the province of Nueva Vizcaya, Hon. Carlos M. Padilla; along with other experts and professionals. Over 130 selected students from all year levels of the courses BS-Business Administration Market Management (MM) and Financial Management (FM) participated in the activities that shed light on very crucial topics relating to the subjects both courses have. There was also online version of the Forum via Zoom, which was participated by the ABM students.

The program started at 8:00 a.m. with the singing of Lupang Hinirang, Vizcaya Hymn and AC March. After which, the welcome speech by Engr. Romeo M. Bicad, Ph.D. who encapsulated ideals and beliefs on cooperativism and entrepreneurship; harmonizing of elements as an important tool to a strategic business plan and intense attention to detail over all resources.

Team AC President, Rev. Dr. Micah Ryan B. Ramel, inspired the participants with his visions toward an entrepreneurial college, further backing his points with historical figures such as John Wesley, founder of Methodism, as one who advocated entrepreneurship and fundamental cooperatives during his time.

A hefty first lecture was conducted by Mr. Roel P. Dolaypan Jr., CPA, MDM. His topics were more of a general view and idea of cooperative movements; the government unit of Nueva Vizcaya’s 13-point agenda: PRAYERS N’ FAITH, which was granted a more expansive look upon certain factors in the province’s economy, and lastly the achievements and milestones for economic progress of Nueva Vizcaya have in recent and progressive memory.

Hon. Carlos M. Padilla, who merited a standing ovation upon his arrival, spoke about the entirety of Nueva Vizcaya’s status, the Macro and Micro dealings in matters concerning the economy, his rise to position through linkaging and networking, flourishing ideals about helping the minority and an overall vision for the province moving forward with economic growth through entrepreneurship and joint efforts of both private and government sectors.

Next to present was Mr. Arnold B. Abalos, Cooperative Development specialist who gave overviews on the duties of the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) as an overseer, manager and checker of cooperatives over a designated region. After his presentation came an open forum to which students and teachers, gladly participated in.

After lunch, a resumption of presentations started. First to present after was Ms. Rowena F. Mayangat, Chief Trade and Industry Development Specialist, who presented updates on provincial Micro and Small Medium Enterprises (MSME) development initiatives which includes milestones and accomplishments of the Department of Trade and Industry’s (DTI) Performance Action Plans.

Later on, three (3) CPA’s, Ms. Pamela F. Español, Mr. Levin H. Tupil, and Mr. Arnold M. Maggay, all presented on income and business tax updates, taxes for cooperatives and entrepreneurs, and BIR programs and services. This portion was followed by another open forum, for any queries the participants have in mind.

Snacks and lunch were provided for the whole day event. In between lectures, intermission numbers were presented by groups such as bungkos sining and members of the JFMA.

The guests speakers were awarded plaques and tokens of appreciation at the end of the program. The event was hosted and organized by the Junior Financial Management Association (JFMA), overseen by the CBMA and was supported by the school and the speakers who shared their time and expertise.#

Report by: Curt Justine L. Yambao, Features/ Opinion Editor

Photos by: Harlene Fae C. Ramos


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