Aldersgate College Inc.

AC Inc. and HMC Inc. to Offer Joint Degree Program in Early Childhood Education and Christian Education

Aldersgate College Inc. (AC Inc.) pursues partnership with Harris Memorial College Inc. (HMC Inc.) the premier UMC Institution for Early Childhood Education and Christian Education programs in the Philippines
Representatives from AC Inc., namely, Miss Jenny Jane Corpuz (ADS & EATC Coordinator), Mrs. Cely B. Luna (Elementary School Principal), and Ms. Debora Sampaga (SAELLI Dean and Director for Curriculum & Instruction), met face-to-face with HMC Inc. President Dr. Cristina Mañabat and Dean of Academics Dr. Ruby Lea Lising at HMC Inc. in Taytay, Rizal to pursue a stronger partnership between the sister institutions.
While the immediate intent of the partnership accord was to strengthen the professional competencies of the learners of the ABCM program via a double degree with the ABCE program of Harris, which would allow for additional competencies in Christian Education, values education, and professional education subjects, the areas of collaboration may expand to a progressive partnership in the other equally important program areas which would cover both lay and clergy development in northern Luzon.