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AC Inc. Welcomes Rite Foods, Inc. and the Cottage Fresh Brand to the AC Family

Greetings ACians, let us welcome Dr. Professor Perlita Tiburcio and Team to the AC Inc. family!

Dr. Perlita Tiburcio is the owner of Rite Foods, Inc. a food processor enterprise whose products are marketed as the Cottage Fresh brand. One of AC Inc.’s founders, the late Mr. Froilan Calata, was the foremost advocate of the Cottage Fresh brand which promotes the goods produced from the rich soil of Nueva Vizcaya. AC Inc. and Rite Foods Inc., including their partners, are poised to rebuild and expand on the advocacy.

Dr. Tiburcio is listed as a UP-trained Philippine food scientist, an academic/professor with laudable experiences in the TM/HRM and Home Tech degree programs.

Ma’am Pearl, together with her son, Sir Josiah Mari Tiburcio, who earned an MS Physics degree from the UP, shall be starting their Adjunct Professors’ engagement with the AC Inc. with a Tomato-based Products Demo-Production quasi-experimental research in partnership with the CBMA, particularly the TM/HM/TVET cluster programs of OIC Rona Imperial-Garcia and Team, which shall eventually form part of the broader research called “Best Tomato-based Wine Blend: A Sensory Evaluation”, and shall be forwarded for application for Utility Model, and for publication.

Prof. Tiburcio is an advocate for the zero-waste production, and dreams to contribute her expertise to the development of ACian bridging leaders who shall help address the gaps that cause the perennial problem of farm losses and wastages due to low prices/oversupply in the value-chain of farmer-entrepreneurs in the province of Nueva Vizcaya.

Bridging leadership works!


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