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AC Mentors Join Lecture Series on Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA)-Aligned Curriculum Implementation

Amidst the changing landscape in education, Aldersgate College, Inc , recognizes the need to upskill and reskill teachers to ensure that they remain at par with emerging trends in the teaching and learning processes.
Relative to this, four (4) mentors from AC, two (2) from the High School Department, Leah Hisalago and Tyrone Lopez and two (2) from the College of Arts, Sciences & Education (CASE), Deb Sampaga and Marlou Almazan, attended a lecture series on the implementation of the PISA-Aligned Curriculum held at the Wesleyan University Philippines (WUP) in Cabanatuan City.
The series began with a discussion on Integrating Global and Multicultural Competencies across the K-12 Curriculum by Dr. Greg Tabios Pawilen, a Professor of the University of the Philippines Los Baños. This was followed by a talk on Learning Strategies for Developing Global and Multicultural Competencies across theK-12 Curriculum by Prof. Rowel Padernal, a Curriculum Specialist of Bureau of Curriculum Development under the Department of Education.
The group was also able to present the required output of the day which called for the selection of global competencies they would like to emphasize in class and to integrate these in a topic for discussion in class to be presented in an appropriate curriculum model and using congruent pedagogy.
In photo, from L to R: Prof. Rowel Padernal, Deb Sampaga (AC), Tyrone Lopez (AC) , Dr. Greg Tabios Pawilen, Christian Jan Fausto, Director for the WUP-Carolina L. Gozon Institute of Lifelong Learning (WUPCLGILL), Chita R. Framo, Deputy Director of WUPCLGILL, Leah Hisalago (AC), and Marlou Almazan (AC).


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