Aldersgate College Inc.

AC Prexy Holds Bridging Leadership Dialogue with Employees

In the spirit of bridging leadership, AC President, Rev. Dr. Micah Ryan B. Ramel, met with all employees last Thursday, March 2, 2023, to reiterate the themes of his incumbency – ownership, co-ownership, and co-creation towards new ways of thinking, innovations in the way things are done and new institutional structures. Drawing from various frameworks for change management and processes, the President zeroed in on the U concept which essentially describes the journey in finding one’s best future self. This journey may initially be fraught with the resistance of the will as we cling to our past patterns of behavior and decision-making, but as we are able to cross thresholds, we will find the coexistence of our mind, heart, and hand (Scharmer, C, 2007).
The event also allowed employees to speak their minds about issues central to their workplaces. As discussions ran late into the evening, the President once more opened his invitation to anyone to dialogue with him as his office remains open to all AC employees.