Aldersgate College Inc.

AC Retirees Take Oath of Office

Having actively supported the programs of the College over the years, the AC Retirees finally found the chance to organize themselves and to elect their own set of officers.
Mrs. Flora G. Castro, was elected president, Mrs. Nieves R. Madelar, vice president, Mrs. Lydia C. Rodeos, secretary, Mr. Ray L. Anquillano, treasurer, Mrs. Lainely Y. Castañeto, auditor, Mr. Benjamin C. Dulatre, Mr. Alex A. Viernes, Mrs. Annie Villa V. Alonzo, and Ms. Arcely C. Ramos, business managers, Dr. Prescilla Esperanza A. Soriano, PIO with Dr. Myrna V. Viernes and Mrs. Normalita C. Ordoñez serving as advisers.
Mrs. Castro, in her inaugural address, pledged to continue supporting the college in its various endeavors.
In an unexpected but generous gesture, the President, Rev. Micah Ryan B. Ramel, Ph.D., handed to the organization, through Mrs. Castro, an undisclosed amount to help jumpstart the entrepreneurial projects of the association.