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ACI recognizes scholars and grants-in-aid recipients

On Wednesday, May 17 after wrapping up the weekly flag-raising ceremony, selected college students from different departments flocked to the quadrangle area for the second part of the program.
With the theme “The time for Bridging Leadership: The ACians as change agents and faithful stewards in a learning community amidst an uncertain and complex world,” the event was made possible to recognize academic scholars (individuals with A general weighted average (GWA) of 1.75 and above and no grades lower than 2.25), Grants-in-Aid (individuals rendering services to various departments within the school), varsity players (individuals who represented the school in the just concluded PRISAA).
In precedence, the program’s opening coincided with the FRC’s flow, with the College President, Rev. Dr. Micah Ryan B. Ramel delivering his inspirational message.
In a statement, Rev. Dr. Ramel stated that the ACians should not be intimidated or jealous of the merits of scholars, but rather think of it as some healthy competition for everyone to strive more.
Giving way to the program proper was the entrance of scholars and grants-in-aid recipients, and school administrators.
Later on, the scholars and recipients were called on stage to receive their certificates, sealing the deal of the fruits of their excellence.
There were 128 academic scholars, 48 grants-in-aid recipients, and 86 varsity players. A total of 262 grants were applied.
Subsequently, the guest speaker, Asst. Prof. Dr. William D. Magday, Jr., Dean, of the College of Education at NVSU-Bayombong campus, gave a preview of his stint as a student at Aldersgate College. He uplifted the scholars’ morale and shared the importance of finding inspiration. In his brief yet substantial message, he emphasized ideas of being tempered through humility, a sense of duty, and openness to all perspectives in learning and finding a reason to pursue a goal. Inspiration in the form of infatuation.
Thereafter, Mr. Marc Anthony O. Jacob, Editor-in-chief of the Paragon and a third-year BSED student who obtained the highest GWA of 1.22 delivered the response of the academic scholars and grants-in-aid recipients.
“I am thankful for the opportunity this scholarship provided me. I was able to meet and connect with other successful individuals. I plan to take advantage of this opportunity to learn from the best and strive to become the best version of myself,” said Mr. Jacob in his speech.
In closing, the students, faculty and staff, and even the guest speaker, proudly sang the Aldersgate College hymn.
Report by: Curt Justine L. Yambao, Feature/ Opinion Editor


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