Aldersgate College Inc.

Aldersgate College Holds DICT ICT Proficiency Exam for Faculty, Staff, Alumni, and Graduating Students

Aldersgate College held the DICT ICT Proficiency Exam in collaboration with DICT Nueva Vizcaya, with participants drawn from the institution’s faculty, staff, alumni, and graduate students. The exam was created to evaluate candidates’ information and communication technology (ICT) abilities and expertise. (ICT).

The exam provided an opportunity for the alumni, graduating students, instructors, and staff to evaluate their ICT skills and pinpoint areas that needed improvement. Everyone was urged to take part in the exam. The exam was also considered as a tool to make sure people had the abilities needed to prosper in the technologically advanced modern world.

The DICT ICT Competency Exam was a success overall, with many participants displaying a high degree of subject-matter competency. The exam’s results will be used to guide future training initiatives and make sure that people keep improving their ICT competencies in step with emerging technologies and fashions.