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The time for bridging leadership has come upon Aldersgate College with the installation of its third president, Rev. Micah Ryan B. Ramel. The momentous occasion began with a Thanksgiving service at the Solano United Methodist Church with the blessing of the academic symbols which would be turned over during the investiture ceremony at the Tomas Dacayo Community Center. The incoming President of the College of Bishops of the Philippine Central Conference, Rev. Rodel M. Acdal, PhD served as God’s Messenger.
The formal investiture ceremony was held at the Tomas Dacayo Community Center. It began with a procession of the College Mace, a symbol of the President’s authority, was carried by Mr.Jose B. Omingle, Dean of the School of Criminology, followed by the Academic Collar bearing the seal of the College, symbolizing its core values of academic excellence, social relevance, and academic nurturance, carried by the Registrar, Mrs. Florida E. Natividad. This was followed by the entrance of faculty and staff, members of the administration, the Board of Trustees, guests composed of heads and representatives from different colleges and universities, government units and private organizations, the President’s family and then the President.
Dr. Divina Gracia B. Apolonio, Vice President for Academic Affairs, warmly welcomed everyone to event, a significant milestone in the history of the College. The Vice President for Administration, Engr. Josephine P. Jasmin, introduced the President to the assembly, highlighting the President’s notable achievements in the fields of business and education as well as in his pastoral ministry.
Atty. Epifanio Lambert D. Galima, Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees was tasked to read the President’s appointment. The Reverend Bishop Rodel M. Acdal, PhD led the act of commitment. Past President Dr. Prescilla Esperanza A. Soriano, PhD and the President’s family, his wife, Dr. Regina D. Ramel, CPA , his children Job Vincent, Ruth Charlyn, and Luke Benedict, his parents Mr. and Mrs. Vicente and Marietta B. Ramel, assisted the President in donning the Presidential Regalia which made its first public appearance on the same day. It bears the College colors, yellow for optimism and creativity and green for growth and harmony.
Past President, now President of the Philippine Christian Univerity in Manila, presented the Academic Collar while Dr. Willie A. Damasco turned over the College Mace.
Mr. Don Dela Cruz, Education Supervisor II, representing the Office of the Director of the Commission on Higher Education, Atty. Marco Cicero Domingo led the President’s induction into office with sectoral representatives from the employees, ACEA President, Nelson M. Agustin, the alumni, Alumni President Engr. Eric Van Sesbreño, parent-teachers, GPTCA President Mrs. Flora G. Castro, and students, Ryan A. Ruiz and Josiah Policarpio, SSC and SSG Presidents respectively standing as witnesses.
The President’s inaugural address set the tone for his administration, the role of ACians as change agents and faithful stewards in the midst of an uncertain and complex world. He strongly reiterated his commitment in leading the institution towards its vision of a brighter future for all who enter its portals guided by its mission of developing reason, liberation from ignorance, and empowerment for economic transformation and spiritual salvation.
The ceremonies ended with a closing prayer led by Rev. Rosemarie B. Agonias, College Chaplain, and final blessings from Reverend Bishop Rodel M. Acdal.


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