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Aldersgate College Junior Marketing Association Showcases Talent at Ammungan Festival’s Gawang Vizcayano Exhibit and Trade Fair

[Vizcaya, May 25, 2023] Aldersgate College Incorporated proudly announces the participation of the Aldersgate College Junior Marketing Association (ACJMA) in the highly anticipated “Ammungan Festival: Gawang Vizcayano Exhibit and Trade Fair.” Composed of passionate BSBA major in Marketing Management students, the ACJMA demonstrated their expertise in marketing, product development, and entrepreneurship during the festival. The association’s entry included competing for the prestigious titles of Most Innovative Product and Best Dressed Booth.

The ACJMA eagerly joins the “Ammungan Festival,” viewing it as an opportunity to engage with the community and showcase their exceptional talents. With their passion for marketing and creative flair, they are determined to leave a lasting impact on the festival. Their participation in the competition signifies their commitment to pushing boundaries and continually seeking innovative solutions.

Expressing gratitude to the Aldersgate College administration for their unwavering support, the ACJMA also extends their appreciation to the organizers of the “Ammungan Festival” for providing this platform. The association looks forward to a successful and enjoyable festival experience, where they can both contribute and learn from the vibrant atmosphere.

As the ACJMA brings their skills, creativity, and dedication to the “Ammungan Festival,” they aim to inspire fellow students and aspiring entrepreneurs. Their involvement in the event exemplifies their commitment to growth and showcases their potential to become future leaders in the field of marketing and entrepreneurship.

The “Ammungan Festival: Gawang Vizcayano Exhibit and Trade Fair” serves as an avenue for young talents to shine, fostering an environment that nurtures creativity and innovation. With the ACJMA’s enthusiastic participation, the festival promises to be a celebration of exceptional skills and a testament to the bright future of the marketing industry.


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