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Aldersgate College’s parking area floods with an assemblage of teachers, staff, and students from pre-school to college as a response to an earthquake that occurred recently.

The earthquake’s epicenter was in Maconacon, Isabela. With a reported magnitude of 5.8 and correspondent intensities of 1-5, tantamount to the distance of the provinces from the said epicenter (source: Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology).
Though Nueva Vizcaya shied away from intensity 2, it warranted the protocols and procedures to follow in order to maximize safety and awareness from the unforeseen disaster.
At 8:49 AM on Thursday, May 4, students of AC had mix reactions. A majority were confused as to what had just happened. Most students who felt the earth shaking were reportedly stationed on high places, such as 3rd and 4th floors of the vicinity’s buildings.
Though many students who were in lower places did not feel it , only realizing moments later when all people were asked to immediately vacate their rooms.
Mr. Jose B. Omingle, Dean of the School of Criminology, sprung into action as one of the first responders, immediately making rounds from building-to-building, ensuring safety and informed the unaware of what had just happened.
Everyone followed the earthquake drill protocols, and started heading towards building exits and into the school grounds. Mr. Omingle stated in an interview that his duty as first responder was to advice all persons in the vicinity to be in the safe area, control the crowd and ensure that everyone stays calm and alert.
While most students were dubious to act, everyone eventually caught up on what was happening and managed to gather in the open areas in time. The students, faculty and staff all stayed outside of the buildings for an estimated 30 minutes.
After which, all classes were cancelled or halted and will resume in the afternoon via online methods, as per the President’s directives.
Furthermore, Mr. Omingle also stated in the interview that, “Based on the event, I may say that our school, our faculty and staff and our students, are prepared. However, we need more trainings and practices in order to intensify our response to such emergency.”
His statement will surely prompt the idea of a much-needed earthquake drill to be held in the near future.#
Article by: Curt Justine L. Yambao, Feature/ Opinion Editor
Photos by: Ms. Caroline Joy P. Suratos
Mrs. Patricia G. Ortiz
Mrs. Richelle April M. Jambaro
BSA- 1 students


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