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Remembrances and Reaffirmations, and the Commitment to Honor and Continue a Leader’s Legacy: A Step Forward During a Pre-Foundation Day Chance Meeting

While the intent to meet in bridging leadership fashion was already made known by the Office of the President (OP), during the last month of 2022, it was a Sunday after-worship-service chance encounter with Forester Danilo S. Manat, which led to an opportunity to remember and celebrate the memory and legacy of Sir Alfredo Manat, a UMC leader who, on account of stories from some graduates of the AC HS Pioneer Batches of the 1970s, sponsored poor but bright children to study at Aldersgate College, and for whom a prime lot in a very strategic location, he had lovingly and intentionally offered for a future campus for students.

The Bridging Leadership conversation was framed from the December 2022 BOT meeting, the first of the incumbent, where the same presented and got the approval to create the Center for Bridging Leadership, Enterprise Development and Cooperative Movement from the Board of Trustees of Aldersgate College, Inc.
The OP, who belongs to the first batch of Filipinos who have completed the Training of Trainers in Financial Education for Micro, Small and Informal Enterprises, has prayerfully requested Forester Danilo Manat to relay to the concerned the OP’s pledge of commitment to strategically develop the AC Manat Campus, and the other properties, for the abovementioned sectors, along with the potentials of the combined tourism and hospitality, accounting and financial management, marketing management, cooperative management and entrepreneurship learning centers-cum-business hub concepts which are strongly supported by the regulations and issuances from CHED-TESDA-DEPED, , towards the attainment of the original the purposes and objectives and conditions of the late Alfredo Manat. Such would enable the implementation of resource generation with support from upcoming multi-stakeholder partnerships and would also ensure the seamless integration of formal education, alternative education, extension programs and entrepreneurial projects to optimize the potential of the said areas.
Without prejudice and with due respect to the play of certain factors existing in other venues which were clearly delineated by both gentlemen from their discussion, when combined with the willingness to actively listen and engage in dialogue reflectively and generatively which when sustained by affirmatory actions may, later on, present relevant ways of moving forward with the affirmations of co-ownership and co-creation which were issued today.
A Happy 58th Founding Anniversary to Aldersgate College, Inc., dear Alma Mater.
The President’s Message on the Occasion of the 58th Founding Anniversary of Aldersgate College, Inc.


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