Aldersgate College Inc.


In preparation for the Related Learning Experience/Clinical Practice, students under School of Medical Sciences (SMS) together with the faculty and staff gathered at the AC Audio-Visual Room on January 26.
The event aimed to discuss the rules and regulations as the students immersed to their forthcoming duties.

The orientation headed by the SMS Dean, Marivic D. Dela Torre, RN, MSN focused on the discussion of policies about Grooming and Wearing of Clinical Uniforms, Proper Conduct and Decorum of Students During the Tour of Duty, Absences and Make-up Duties and Completion Duties, Grading System and Manila Affiliation.
Furthermore, Mrs. Dela Torre also presented the Clinical Instructors of the School of Medical Sciences of Aldersgate College, both part-time and full-time.
AC President Rev. Dr. Micah Ryan B. Ramel also attended the said event to share his message of inspiration.
To wrap up the event, an open forum was initiated by the Community Extension Services Director and Clinical Instructor, Mrs. Leticia D. Serrano.
Report by: Rochelle M. Catubag
Photos by: Marydhel Hope S. Evardone, Senior Photojournalist