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Tertiary level conducts 11th FRC

LOOK| The different colleges conducted its 11th Flag Raising Ceremony(FRC) on Wednesday, April 19 at the AC- Quadrangle. It was hosted by the Research/ Extension Services and the Alumni Affairs office .

The ceremony started with an invocation led by Donna Viel I. Magaoay, a fourth-year ABCM student, followed by the singing of the Philippine National Anthem conducted by Mrs. Elizabeth M. Osdon , Administrative Staff, Vizcaya Hymn by Engr. Eloisa T. Sentillas, College of Engineering and Technology Research Coordinator, and Panatang Makabayan by Mrs. Lea B. Hob , School of Criminology Research and Extention Coordinator. The reading of the AC Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives, and Core Values was led by Mrs. Imelda D. Fabro, Elementary Department Extension Coordinator.

Announcements and updates came up next. Engr. Josephine P. Jasmin, Vice President for Adminstration, emphasized on the importance of showing respect when conducting FRC by stating Section 18 and 19 of the Republic Act 8491.

SECTION 18. All government offices and educational institutions shall henceforth observe the flag-raising ceremony every Monday morning and the flag lowering ceremony every Friday afternoon. The ceremony shall be simple and dignified and shall include the playing or singing of the Philippine National Anthem.

SECTION 19. The office of the President upon the recommendation of the Institute shall issue rules and regulations for the proper conduct of the flag ceremony.

Meanwhile, Rev. Rosemarie D. Agonias, School Chaplain, announced that the students of the School of Medical Sciences (SMS) will have their convocation the following week.

Mr. Job Vincent D. Ramel, a cum laude graduate with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Management Accounting at Saint Mary’s University was introduced by Rev. Dr. Jaime R. Bolusan, Chief Guidance Counselor and was welcomed by ACians as a new staff of the Internal Auditor.

In addition, Rev. Dr. Micah Ryan B. Ramel, proudly announced the renovation of the second floor of the HAB building. It will house the offices of The Paragon, Supreme Student Council and Supreme Student Government. He also added that the construction of the first ever ROTC armory of AC is ongoing.

The ceremony ended with the singing of the AC hymn conducted by Ms.Lovely Grace M. Paulino, CBMA Research Coordinator, followed by the picture taking of all the employees.#

Report by: Louise Julianne B. Lacaden

Photos by: Marydhel Hope S. Evardone, Senior Photojournalist

Lilibeth D. Pulista, Junior Photojournalist

Maryjoyce Princess M. Apiit

John Angelo O. Serquina, Junior Photojournalist


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