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UMC Missionary Pastor to Laos, Rev. Israel Maestrado Painit, meets with AC President to discuss social transformation and ministry goals

Rev. Israel Maestrado Painit, Ordained Elder of the United Methodist Church and Missionary Pastor to Laos visited the Office of the President and in a congenial meeting of the minds discussed common interests and goals such as making an impact on people’s lives through ministry and empowering them to become agents of social transformation.
Rev. Painit is currently the UMC’s Country Director of the General Board of Global Ministry (GBGM) Mission in Southeast Asia, headquartered in Laos. Prior to this, he served as District Superintendent of the Southeast District, Eastern Mindanao Philippines Annual Conference (EMPAC), Davao.
In a timely fashion, Rev. Painit and the AC President Rev. Micah Ryan B. Ramel graced the opening of the CBMA Product Expo 2022. The event showcased various products introduced and developed by students of the business management and hospitality management programs.